2007, more than 1000 million cell phones were sold worldwide. This indicates the importance of the cell phone industry which is being replicated in the business simulation.

To imitate the reality, production takes place in different countries. Different production conditions between low-wage-countries like China and European high-wage-sites become obvious.

In China, production is more cost-efficient due to lower wages. However, this is confronted with higher quality risks.

The pupils also experience a fundamental difference in living conditions. While costs of living are much lower in China, a bicycle is a luxury good for Chinese workers, while Europeans use their savings to buy a new car.

The production at different locations in the world also has an impact on the intermediaries. Importing from China, they have to pay higher transportation costs and customs. The latter do not need to be paid for goods movements within Europe and transportation costs decline.

Eventually, the retailers do not distinguish between products from China or Europe; their decisions are simply based on prices and quality.