Pupils between the age of 16 and 18 form SimEconomy‘s target audience. At least 18 pupils are needed for a smooth execution of the simulation; in excess the number of participating pupils is not limited. The execution of three simulation periods needs approximately two hours. The only materials the pupils have to bring along are scissors, crayons and calculators.

Each pupil acts in one of the following roles:

Workers are assigned to a factory owner and have to produce cell phones on his behalf. To ‘produce’ cell phones the workers cut out paper cell phones and colorize them. In the first instance they spend the money they have earned for their cost of living. If there is still money left, they can buy luxuries.

The factory owners have to supervise and instruct their workers in order to produce the amount of cell phones needed. Through negotiations with the intermediaries they get the information needed to calculate amounts and prices. Furthermore they have to ensure that costs like wages and rents are covered. The factory owners also have to monitor the quality of the produced cell phones.

Intermediaries buy cell phones at the factories, import them to their home country and subsequently sell their goods to the retailers. Their main task lies in the negotiations, which help to gather information about prices and quantities. This information in turn influences their calculations. Like the factory owners, the intermediaries also have to cover the costs for their purchases and transportation fees.

The retailers buy the quantity of cell phones from the intermediaries they believe they are able to sell to their customers. They are the first persons to react to market variations like fluctuations in the business cycle. They again have to negotiate prices that cover their expenses. Furthermore, the retailers try to compete against oth-er companies by means of high quality, low prices or marketing activities.

The teacher represents the customer. Thereby he has a major influence on the quantities sold and in turn on the whole simulation.