SimEconomy is a business simulation for pupils aged 16 to 18. All materials necessary to conduct the game are available for free on this homepage.

SimEconomy was developed by SIFE Muenster, a student initiative at the University of Muenster (Germany), and successfully tested at schools. The pupils act in different roles in which they simulate production and trading of cell phones. They experience effects like globalization, outsourcing, economic cycles and much more by acting themselves. The simulation can serve as the basis for a series of economic lessons. It helps to substantiate abstract terms and improves the pupils' understanding. Alternatively, SimEconomy can mark the ending of such an unit and consolidate the topics covered.

This homepage aims to inform you about the simulation’s idea and targets. The category The Simulation offers a detailed description. You can obtain the necessary materials for free.

Contact us here to obtain the game materials!

For SimEconomy the SIFE team was awarded the HSBC Financial Literacy Grant, meant for extraordinary projects explaining basic economic topics to pupils.